Thursday, January 14, 2010

To Someone Very Special!

"Follow your heart, do what you are passionate about" - says the 3 idiots and almost everyone after watching them.

When was the last time you followed your heart? Have you really been listening to your heart after you did almost ten years back? The path that you chose then was not very easy, I agree. Thorns and stones were aplenty, the climb seemed too steep at times, you were at the brink of that deep gorge many a time. But the magnificent views, the cool streams, the refreshing breeze that caressed your cheeks, the treasures you found on the route have made you realize that this is where you were meant to be and where you always wanted to be.

The eyes that see beauty in the most mundane of things, the heart that throbs at even the softest of strums on the guitar, the feel of your skin on that hot engine ....when did you lose all these? Has making a living been at the cost of life itself?

I can still see the hidden gleam in those eyes, can hear that skip in the beat now and then and can feel that blood pulsing through the veins by a mere touch and I know the dreams are still there, the cobwebs just need to be brushed away.

So, here is to you, the one closest to my heart, on your very special day, a very special wish...

Go ahead...jump on to that rainbow, catch the tail of that star, go where your heart takes you and soar high....

A Very Happy Birthday to you, you Idiot!!

(p.s. - yes, the picture on top is taken by my hubby and no, that hand is not mine, I would love to own that rock, though :-). It is a tourist at the next table at Kovalam.
Here are a few of our favorite ones all taken long back. Time to dust that camera and to restring those guitars and just go...)

his first love

sky in thrissur

golf course - bangalore

sweet home of mine :-)

rainbow bridge - marine drive, kochi

friends at kovalam
at nelliampathy