Saturday, March 27, 2010

That Moment in Life

When did he reach a point that he couldn't take it anymore?
What made him think things will never turn for the better?
Did he feel things will be alright for his loved ones after?
When did that darkest moment happen?
How did he reach there?
Wasn't there anything or anyone that could have helped him?
What made him think no one, not even God could make things change?
Was it always in him, or is it life that turned him over?
When did he stop thinking of others and only of him?
Was it on the spur of the moment or long planned?
Why didn't anyone see it coming?
When did he stop laughing and start brooding?
Did he really believe this is the end?
When and where are we going to get all the answers?

(Got to know last night that someone close to us, one who had the most awesome sense of humor, someone who used to enjoy life to the brim, tried to get away from everyone and everything two days back. I am in shock)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Another view of the bridge..

A very brave one - right under the bridge....

Alcatraz from golden gate..

Just can't get over that ocean...

They protest and block roads here too..

and this is what they want...

all set ... in case something happens.....
sharing a light moment meanwhile...

watching from above too...

p.s. will be back with more interesting ones in a few days....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Half a day is all it took

The flight to San Francisco was early in the morning. For a few minutes I thought we were going to land on the water. The landing ground is so close to the bay, we see land just as the plane touches ground. Had just half a day to go around , so the next thing after checking in was to book me in for a city tour.

And half a day was all it took to fall in love....

Anywhere in the city you are never too far from the sea..

some of the streets are really steep, there is one which is so steep, there is no uphill traffic

Old and new ....the victorian houses built in the late 18oo's , the city in the back ground...

the city..

The (in)famous Alcatraz. It is not too far from the wharf commonly known as Fisherman's Wharf. Looking at it we feel the prisoners could easily swim across. It seems the temperature of the sea water is sub zero and the undercurrents are so strong that the swimmers will be pulled out to the open ocean

The Golden Gate Bridge....

you can see a number these out in the bay..

view down from the bridge

The Pacific Ocean.....
each side you look, the ocean takes a different colour, you just do not know where to look

the remnants of a bath hotel built early last century. sea water filled in the baths during high tides

a walk by the beach....

enjoying their evening in the sun in ice cold water. it seems the surfers here need to wear some sort of body suit to keep them so as not to freeze

we took a turn and I stopped breathing....well,almost.....

to be continued.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My boss dropped a bomb and I am not complaining :-)

9 PM yesterday :

Boss - "Bindu, please come to my room immediately"

Bindu (to herself) - "Now what did I do?"

Boss - "S can't travel. His father is ill. Can you?"

Bindu (almost falling from the chair) - "You mean, this Saturday?"

Boss - "Yes, you know what the plans are"

Bindu (stammering) - "That is just four days, husband, kids, current projects..."

Boss - "Think it over and let me know, but would be good if you can"

10 minutes later...

Hubby - "Just say yes ,don't worry about anything, I'll manage home front"

(now you know why I clung on to him and wouldn't let go till said yes;-) )

So friends, I am off to Disneyland this Saturday ;-)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Round the clock

Our new client is in San Francisco
We are in India and we work nights
Their morning is our midnight
We need to get trained in one of their applications
The trainer is in Australia
A time which would be convenient for the three of us??!!

Happy Women's Day, btw :-)