Saturday, March 27, 2010

That Moment in Life

When did he reach a point that he couldn't take it anymore?
What made him think things will never turn for the better?
Did he feel things will be alright for his loved ones after?
When did that darkest moment happen?
How did he reach there?
Wasn't there anything or anyone that could have helped him?
What made him think no one, not even God could make things change?
Was it always in him, or is it life that turned him over?
When did he stop thinking of others and only of him?
Was it on the spur of the moment or long planned?
Why didn't anyone see it coming?
When did he stop laughing and start brooding?
Did he really believe this is the end?
When and where are we going to get all the answers?

(Got to know last night that someone close to us, one who had the most awesome sense of humor, someone who used to enjoy life to the brim, tried to get away from everyone and everything two days back. I am in shock)


  1. I hope he is better now Bindu. All these questions come to my mind too... I hope it was just one moment and it's over now.

    'Wasn't there anything or anyone that could have helped him?' I am sure there are ways to help him, and he will need a lot of it. Hope everything works out fine. Hugs. -IHM

  2. oh my..! thats shocking to hear... hope he is recovering and in good hands now...

    he needs help.. and a lot of moral support at this stage..

    and most of all he needs to realise that this is not the solution to any problem...
    suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem :-/

  3. Oh God! I just hope its all fine now. Help n support in the family and friends should help him out of it!

  4. It always used to amaze me - whether it takes courage or cowardice to do such an act !! And I am yet to find the answer. My maternal uncle, who was really close to me, chose to take his life away, 10 years back. And that moment still haunts me.

    It takes a lot of courage for the family to come back to normalcy and my prayers are for them, for more mental strength to handle this sad moment.

  5. He left us yesterday evening.
    Thank you so much for all the prayers and wishes

  6. May his soul and those of his family be at peace.

    I know how hard it is to continue to face life when you are battling from every side. The only thing that keeps most people going is thoughts of their family.

  7. Sorry to hear that. My condolences. Paying to God to give his family and friends to deal with the tragedy

  8. hi Bindu ,

    thanks for ur comment .... i wanted to elaborate, but didnt want to draw pity for the lady character i mentioned .. so left it that way.

    you are right .. when situations affect others, people just see it as good-bad, black-white ... not realising the true situation.

    i guess same with the person you have mentioned too ... we really dont know how he was suffering, right ?

  9. In India symptoms like depression and other psychologicals problem are not given the attention it deserves, only when the matter goes out of the hand do people start thinking tht mayb there was more than wht meets the eye.

    I'm sorry sorry!!!!!