Tuesday, April 6, 2010

That's Life!!!

V pirouettes around everyones' desk singing,
"I am gonna paaarttyy everyday, I'm gonna dannnnciiing everyday, I'm gonna plaaaayyyy with my grandkids everyday.....I'm going vacaaaationinnng every month....."

G who was on the seat next to me on a train to San Diego, "I have to complete my homework"


G,"I am learning moviemaking and editing and I go or Spanish classes every Friday. Haven't done my homework for tomorrow."
And he shows me a picture of a beautiful Carribean lady on his phone camera and says proudly,"That's my movie teacher"

V is 55 and retiring next month
G is 78 and retired from his family business 5 years back

That's life with a capital L if you ask me :-)


  1. I wish I am like that, when I become old. Really, its very difficult to contain the zest of life inside us, as we become older. And it takes a lot of inspiration and motivation to do such things. God, grant me this wish. Let me live life to the fullest till the day I stop breathing.

  2. Woww! I luv it that way .. Love with a capital L that is ;)

  3. Wish everybody shared the same enthu for life like G :)

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  5. heh heh ....

    I used to be like that too ... but never mind, I'll regain the zest I'd for life someday !

  6. Living is life. So enjoy every time of life. :)

  7. @ Uma - What makes you think you won't? You are doing it now and you will ever be so :-)

    @ Swaram - I know you are an extremely 'Su' mode these days ;-)

    @Shas - I know, world would have been a much better place

    @Deepa - What is stopping you? Just go girl!!

    @ Chandrika - Exactly!!

  8. Simply LOVED the post Bindu!!!!

    I soooo hope to maintain the same zest for LIFE when I'm 20 yrs older:-)!!!

  9. Award for u on my blog Bindu :)

  10. "That's life with a capital L " wonderful way to sum it up !

  11. I should ... but well ... certain circumstances make me feel tied

  12. Yes, that's life.
    I am learning pencil sketching and loving it. Only disappointment is that I don't have a beautiful teacher :-)

  13. @Nancy - You , I am sure will be like that I am positive

    @Swaram - Thank you so much

    @ Just Words - You said it!

    @Deepa - Looks like you are getting out of it

    @Alexis - Shall we search for one? ;-)

  14. I hope I regain that zest for life soon. WAITING for September 2010 to start life afresh :-)