Monday, April 26, 2010

Sun n Surf

Dear J, I am so thankful that you forcefully put me on that 5.30 Pacific Surf Liner to San Diego instead of the 8.30 one. The breathtaking view of the rays of the setting sun on the sea is one that I am not going to forget in a long ,long time

At some places, you are so close to the sea that you feel you can touch it if you could just put your hands out..

There is a military base close by, choppers and fighter planes are a regular sight..

M&A took me to this beautiful place by the beach named Torrey Pine Trail. There are small trails throughout the hills and each one takes you to different views.
This is where you turn up from the main road to teh trails. You can see downtown San Diego in the distance

One of the trails take you here. The intricate carving like hillsides are the result of millions of years of erosion by wind and water..

Another trail takes you here...

And yet another one here...

Not happy at being disturbed from his siesta by the sun....

Stairway to heaven...

Hills have bloomed after the recent rains....

The cliffs are ideal for this, you can see a lot of them...

You can spend hours and hours here and still feel you haven't had enough


  1. hey .. is that a seal, or a sea lion ? Cant make out

  2. Awesome! :) I liked all the pics but found third most beautiful.

  3. awesome pics... what a wonderful place to live in... !! and you walked all those trails ???? !!!! gooooood !!!! :D :D :D

    you know getting early is always tough... but you always end up enjoying it in the end !!! :D

    and yes... with a location like that... you simply cant get enough !!!!

  4. That was Awesome!!! It looks too beautiful to be true! Lovely pictures!

  5. @ Swaram - My feelings exactly :-)

    @ Deepa - Not sure either. Think it is a sea lion

    @ Chandrika - Got lucky with that one. Taken from a moving train :-)

    @hitchwriter - wish i lived there Dhiren. was a short visit. and yes i walked at least 4 trails in a day. wanted to make the most of it :-)

    @Smitha - it is too beautiful to be true. wanted to spend more time there, but had just a day

  6. :) okkkkkkkk ... it looks so cute :)

  7. Beautiful......and apt captions:-)!!!!!
    So now u r back home huh, glad u had a good time:-)!!!!

  8. Great pictures; hope you had a great time.