Saturday, November 7, 2009

Miss You!

My faithful and sometimes cranky companion of six years has finally breathed its last. My PC has finally crashed not to be restored again.

To make matters worse, they have blocked blogspot and wordpress in office. Now that I look back it is quite surprising that we were able to get it for so long. My pal in IT told me when I asked him, "Work Bindu, for a change". Couldn't argue with him considering the time I used to spend on blogs ;-)

So, till I get a replacement for my old faithful, it will be weekends when I can snatch my hubby's laptop when he is busy watching one of his favorite movies. But how I miss the instant high of clicking the refresh button and seeing a few of my favorite blogger's posts coming up. Guess all good things must come to an end. Sigh!!

I miss you all :-)

Hope to be back here soon, daily