Monday, July 23, 2007


Dream not,
Need not,
Sing not,
Want not,
And you shall never cry.

But, what is life without
A dream come true,
A need fulfilled,
A song from the heart,
A want taken care of.

So, here we are,
Dreaming, though it may all be shattered,
Needing, though unfulfilled,
Singing, even if there is none to hear,
Wanting, hoping it will be taken care of,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Simple Things

warm clothes dried in the sun after days of rain...

a couple of hours sleep when i feel like it...

watching rain blowing away in the wind....

listening to my son's tales after school...

a dish well turned out and relished by my loved ones...

watching harry potter movies....

the radiant smile on my baby's face as she wakes up in the morning...

just lazing around now and then...

seemingly simple things, yet words are not enough to describe the joy it gives....

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Neighbour across the river

The inevitable question whenever I tell anyone I am from Kavalam - "Is it near Kavalam Narayana Panikker's house?"
And the usual reply, “Not really, you have to go slightly interior, across the river. But, I have seen his house” (Yeah, in movies, I add in my mind)

There is this old house opposite to ours, right across the river, which was said to belong to his family. From the time I can remember, one doctor or other used to stay there. The last one was there for almost ten years. He used to come out to the “kadavu” for an evening stroll everyday. We teased our grandmother saying her boy friend was out to see her. A few years back, when I went home, the house seemed to be empty. My mother said the person who sold the house to the doctor had cheated him and the property was in dispute. Kavalam’s family finally won it back and no one was staying there then. The house wore a deserted look for many a visit after that.

Went home a month back after a year. Whitewashed, neatly fenced, with a brand new ‘padippura’ , the house wore the typical look of an ancestral home. Seeing my questioning look, mummy said, “Guess who owns it - Kavalam Narayana Panikker. He is rarely there though.” During my one-month stay at home, I even saw him once, in his trademark ‘mundu’ and long jubba.

Now, if someone asks me the same question, I can reply non-chalantly, “Oh yeah, he stays right across to us.” (and add in my mind, ‘across the river’)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Beauty and Brains

One of the eligible bachelors in office to the HR Manager, "Your recruitment practices need to be revamped completely."
An indignant HR Manager, "Why, what is wrong with it? We have the best people."
"We need more good looking females here, yaar."
Our no-nonsense, conscientious DGM, "But good looking girls, do they work?"
Two of us, who takes any reference against women as a personal affront, "Hello, what do you mean? What about us?"
The DGM, in all earnestness, "But I meant good looking girls."
Huh ?!!
Compliment or......?
Another session:-
One of the Team Leaders watching a particularly pretty new comer with a characteristic Christian name, "These Christain ladies have such good skin and hair."
Then looking at one of us sitting right in front of him, "Of course there are exceptions, like the two of you."
What we say :-
These guys are so overwhelmed by our brains. They don't realize what beauties we actually are!!