Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Beauty and Brains

One of the eligible bachelors in office to the HR Manager, "Your recruitment practices need to be revamped completely."
An indignant HR Manager, "Why, what is wrong with it? We have the best people."
"We need more good looking females here, yaar."
Our no-nonsense, conscientious DGM, "But good looking girls, do they work?"
Two of us, who takes any reference against women as a personal affront, "Hello, what do you mean? What about us?"
The DGM, in all earnestness, "But I meant good looking girls."
Huh ?!!
Compliment or......?
Another session:-
One of the Team Leaders watching a particularly pretty new comer with a characteristic Christian name, "These Christain ladies have such good skin and hair."
Then looking at one of us sitting right in front of him, "Of course there are exceptions, like the two of you."
What we say :-
These guys are so overwhelmed by our brains. They don't realize what beauties we actually are!!


  1. Ha, ha, ha...ROTFL. That was really hilarious...

  2. This remark about revamping HR recruitment process is prevalent across almost all the software companies.. I've lost count of the number of times we have talked about this here. :)

  3. Y dont you ask the Hr to recruit some males who got the brains?? :)

  4. Lol!!!good one..I swear my support for the demands of the eligible bachelor..

    cool replies!!!

  5. @alexis - :-)

    @ajith - boys will be boys wherever they are ( there is a more apt saying in pachamalayalam regarding a certain kurukkan and his eyes)

    @beena - lol
    actually we tried, but it is so diffcult to get them

    - anyone who supports our cause is our friend. you seem to be one of those rare species - males with brains :-)

  6. Hi , Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :P , May be the guys in your office cant see properly :)

  7. Bindu...the conclusion is that we are both so good looking and so intelligent that HR has decided that beauty with brains combo is killing the effectiveness of these insecure guys and so they are taking it slow in recruiting more of our types...