Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My boss dropped a bomb and I am not complaining :-)

9 PM yesterday :

Boss - "Bindu, please come to my room immediately"

Bindu (to herself) - "Now what did I do?"

Boss - "S can't travel. His father is ill. Can you?"

Bindu (almost falling from the chair) - "You mean, this Saturday?"

Boss - "Yes, you know what the plans are"

Bindu (stammering) - "That is just four days, husband, kids, current projects..."

Boss - "Think it over and let me know, but would be good if you can"

10 minutes later...

Hubby - "Just say yes ,don't worry about anything, I'll manage home front"

(now you know why I clung on to him and wouldn't let go till said yes;-) )

So friends, I am off to Disneyland this Saturday ;-)


  1. Thanks Alexis and I have updated the URL :-)

  2. Wow this is super news....Go Girl...have a GOOD time;-D!!!!

    Will be waiting for the details;-D