Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Bitch

Those daily bitching sessions in the office cafeteria. That is what I miss the most in the now 5 and soon to be 8 months long hiatus from work. To get at least one other on the same wavelength at the workplace is a miracle. So three – four of the same ilk is nothing short of a major lottery.

This is one industry you’ll never grow old if you at least have a tendency to be young at heart. And throw a few of us who absolutely refuse to grow up, into this lot, imagine the fun we have. Just picture some 500 odd individuals whose average age is less than 25, and think of what all would ensue. Light hearted banter, affairs – casual and serious, wedding plans – some which materialize and some which don’t, egos – mighty and puny, oh, the list is endless. And in the midst, a few of us, whose main aim in life is to have fun (hope none of my bosses ever see what I have written here), oh boy, do we enjoy ourselves.

Our unofficial day starts at around 6.15 pm in the cafeteria. Miss it for day and it feels like the loss can never be compensated. No one is spared and no holds barred in these daily sessions, mostly on face too. God knows how many hates us there. But who cares, we just want to have fun. In the midst of even serious work, any small thing to be discussed, an immediate con call and we all are together. How many of the rest have been jolted from their seats by a sudden burst of laughter from one of us. And any meetings, the only ones to open their mouths to agree and disagree are these gossipmongers.

I don’t miss not working, the ‘rush of adrenaline’ when you do something worthwhile. But the “hey did you hear?”, “I’ve got something to tell you”, “he is such a creep”, “she is such a bitch”……God, how I miss those. But for my friends who call me up every other day for an update over phone, I would have been dead of boredom by now. If that makes me a bitch too, so be it.


  1. Good one...I wonder who these gossipmongers are ...anyway come back fast and let us discuss this over a cup o Navin's kappi

  2. aha anonymous, toungue in cheek you pretend to wonder huh?

  3. Really hilarious post. I think all offices are the same :-)