Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Take me home, country roads...

The long veranda which runs round the house, a cup of hot coffee in the morning in that dilapidated old easy chair, and steaming hot masala dosas which only mummy can make - good old home and to think that I haven’t been there for more than a year now!!

Getting in to hospital tomorrow and I am already waiting to get out and go home, to be pampered, of course.
Looking forward to those cool summer breezes in the evening, the river in front shining in the silver moonlight, the coconut trees alight with all those glowworms, and then the “karimeen” and “thaaravu”.

Back to Kochi when the rains start and the schools re-open.

Happy holidays to everyone and to me too!!


  1. The first paragraph sounds heavenly. And the last too... :-)

    Wishing you a safe delivery, very short hospital stay and a long vacation with the baby with lots of karimeen and thaaravu... :-)

    Till then good bye and take care...

  2. Thanks a lot, Alexis.
    'll be back with lots of nostalgic memories....summer holidays, mangoes, cousins...

  3. Was just Wandering by and the karimeen and Tharavu caught my attention.. :) happy holidays