Friday, July 10, 2009


Carried him for nine months...
Tied myself to the bed for three months with my legs up in the air....
Bore all that pain for getting him in my hands....
Didn't sleep at a stretch for more than 2 hours for more than 2 years...
Cleaned all his poop....
Swallowed his left overs....
Kept vigil when he was not well....
Played silly games with him....
Carried him wherever I went, even though he was a riot....
Cooked his favorite food whenever he wanted (well, almost always).....
Read out to him since he was 3 months old....
Took him for sports classes at 6 in the morning after coming home from work at 2 in the night...
Was the one stop shop for all his projects....
Been his trouble shooter for anything and everything....
Spent my weekends on his workshops....

And then he writes in his school essay-

"My favorite person in the family - My Father"



  1. LOL! Dont know what to say :-)

  2. Hahaha , that was a good one. You reminded me of a friend who said once that she took the trouble of carrying him for 9 months, ate well so that he could be healthy, attended all those birthing classes so that he could be born stress free, went through hell during labour but did not take any medication so that he did not feel drugged and the ungrateful brat looked exactly like his father!!

  3. LOL!!!

    This was sooo funny and SO cute!!


    First time here. :)

  4. hehe..i liked it...:-)
    we are thankful to our mothers!;-D

  5. hehe. we are expecting in 3-4 weeks and hope the brat says the same ;)

  6. Ha ha ... gud one ;)


  7. Maybe, mother is above favourite!

  8. Bindu, thanks a bunch for sharing that beef ulathu recipe....will try for sure as i have never tried marinating beef with soy sauce for beef fry...adipoli aayirikkum !

    Pinne...if time permits and if it's ok, pls blog about ammamma -de stuffed duck roast ....curious from the day i read ur comment ...:P


  9. LOL :) ha ha ha loved this one :)

    I am sure the dad's thrilled :) I knew what the last line as going to be, because I go through the same thing at home :)

  10. Aren't they such little traitors!

    Actually the first thing I thought when I read the last line of your post was "she has such a long way to go". My 16-year old thinks neither of his parents know anything worth knowing.
    Oh, and that his generation invented Fun... no one from an earlier era knows anything about it !

  11. I cringed reading that :) I'll be in the same boat pretty soon I'm convinced.