Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What the...?!!!

Have you had one of those moments where you didn't know whether to laugh, shout or curse yourself? Well, it happened to me yesterday.

I am one of those who have to keep time with our brethren (or sistern) on the other side of the globe and work when all you lucky guys would be sleeping. So normally when I get back home, rest of the souls at home would have entered their second or third phases of sleep. It so happened that I was not feeling too well yesterday and decided to go home early.

There was absolute silence when I creeped in and that meant two things - kids have gone to sleep and hubby is working late. I peeped into the kids room to check whether they were asleep and saw a light under my son's blanket. On a closer look, I could make out it was my mobile which I had left home. As usual, he must be playing some games on it and I called out sternly, "What are you doing in there with my phone?"

"5 minutes, amma, I am watching a movie"

What the....?!!!

The little brat had recorded his favourite cartoon from the TV onto the phone and was watching it under his blanket!!

I started with my usual sermon
"But amma, you said you will never shout at me if I tell you the truth"

What the ..... again?!!!


  1. I am happy that G is getting smarter ;-)

  2. You have to keep your word!
    Were't you bursting with pride?? (even if you thought he shouldn't be doing this) ...I think he is really smart!

  3. @ sreeram - that is waht you and Susan always wanted right? happy now?

    @ IMH - Actually, yes. Even though my voice was stern, I couldn't stop smiling and it helped that he was still under that blanket :-)
    Father was bursting with pride, of course

    @ rocksea - he is all of 7 and going on 14 most of the time

  4. there was an ad once, on tv about a mom morphing in two, one mom scolding the child and the other one laughing at his antics...motherhood has its moments!

  5. LOL!

    Kids are too smart these days!

  6. @ jaya - i go through the same feeling almost everyday.

    @ Mathew and Miss M - Just wait till you have yonger versions of yourselves