Monday, November 8, 2010

Take an 's' away

Son has been pestering us to rent the 'Fast and Furious' DVD. After the 100th reminder the same day, mother was violent,"You say that once more and you are not going to get it the next 12 months."

Silence for a minute...

"Amma, do you know what is Fast and Furious without an 's'?"



(didn't get it? - Fat and Furious ;-) )


  1. :P :P He is just too smart!

    So, did u get him the DVD or is it postponed by 24 mths nw :P :P

  2. @Swaram - Now that is a good idea, thanks

    @ TME - :-)

  3. I am sure i left a comment on this yesterday :) I had asked did u get him if not then runnnnn to the nearest shop .. you know how kids are moody :)

    he may come out with some more witty replies he he he :)


  4. ROFL......I almost didnt get it and didnt see the italics also ;-D. I was wondering what furiou meant and then suddenly it hit me......I'm still ROFLing.

    Ur son my friend is a smart fella...hahahahaaaaaaa.

    p.s: wht did u do....laugh ur guts out in front of him OR walk sedately to the other room, close the door and let it loose;-D

  5. That was a nice one. Get the DVD mom, it is nice and he is cute with a nice sense of humor.