Thursday, May 7, 2009

The most beautiful feeling in the world!

Father and son normally bonds over 'Autocar' every night. Yesterday it was an Audi Q7. The fact there was one of these chasing us last week on our way back from Kochi added more interest to it. I pretended to be asleep listening to their conversation.
"Achacha, can we buy an Audi Q7 next?"
"It's very expensive, mone. Only people like film stars and big businessmen can afford it."
Son, after thinking for a while,"You are not good looking, so you cannot be a film star. Amma is beautiful, we can ask her to act in movies and get her to buy one!"
I shot up from the bed and hugged my son tight. Who else but a 7 year old can think that his fat old mother is beautiful enough to be a film star?
Got him an extra 'Kinderjoy' today :-)


  1. Awwwww....sho shweet!!!!!

    "My Mama is beautifullest" age is the bestest!!!!!!

  2. I'm sure your son knew that you were not really sleeping and thought to use the statement to weedle something out of you!!!):

  3. Kids crack such innocent jokes, dont they? LOL!

  4. whoever sd a fat old mothr cannot be beautiful???????:)

  5. that was an answer which can make any parent beam with joy!!;-D