Monday, October 5, 2009

Facts of life

In between some meaningless banter on our way to church yesterday, I coughed and cried out all of a sudden.
Hubby, who was driving, "What happened?'

"Don't know, there was this shooting pain in my lower abdomen"

Son who always listens in to our conversations, though he might look totally engrossed in something else, "What is lower abdomen?"

Touched his lower abdomen on the right side and told him that is where it is.

"So what is above my thingy?"

"That is also your lower abdomen"

A bulb suddenly lights up in my head. Well, he is going to be eight next month. Maybe I should start on some facts of life . What better way to start than teaching him what is what?

"G, do you know what your thingy is actually called?"


"What ?"

"Centre Point"


No need to waste my time, he already knows the most basic fact in a man's life!!!


  1. Too funny! :D
    I guess further education is wasted on our kids. They're much smarter than we think. :D :D :D

  2. I am laughing so much my mom-in-law has come to check what the ruckus is all about.
    How appropriate! Your son needs no further education :D

  3. goodness my stomach is aching from all tht laughing;-D

    Just a thought, maybe u need to take a lesson or two from him;-D

  4. hehehehooo.. centre point indeed, from and around which the so called live r/evolves...!

  5. Ha ha :) He sure does :)

  6. Ha..ha..ha..ha.. Bindu, I laughed so hard that my Tea spilled over.

    He is smart.

  7. BTW how is your stomach ache?

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!! ROFL !!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    its still a lil time to go i guess... lol... !!!!!

  9. @ Sunitha - They are way too smart

    @ Aparna - Now my worry is when he is going to start educating me :-)

    @ Swaram - :P

    @ Nancy - He teaches me at least a lesson or two every day :-)

    @ rocksea - absolutely right!

    @ IHM - Oh yeah, he sure does :-)

    @ Pixie, Elegant Chic - :-)

    @ Solilo - He sure is smart, sometimes too much for his own good.
    My ache from the cough is gone. Got cramps in my stomach trying to control my laughter in the car:-) Didn't want to embarass him

    @ Mathew - He is smart, after all whose son?

    @ Mishmash - Kollam, kollam

    @ Hitch - I hope it is a long time to go

    @ Agnes - thanks for visitng and :-)

  10. they are smart he he :D ...last week in my apartment also same thing happened...One of my neighbor(he is 12 years) got a small kitten and he were playing with it.That time me and his sister(she is almost 24) happened to be there and he asked us if it is possible to get some milk for her.His sister asked him, how come he is so sure that the kitten is a girl.For that he answered, dhidhi stop treating me like a small kid,i know how to find ,if it is a male or female kitten....gosh her facial expression at that time was priceless :D :D

  11. ROFL!!! That was hilarious! He certainly knows the most important thing(y) of them all :)

  12. I also knew this when I was around 10 years old... so I'm happy to be a part of both the generation of your kid and you :)

  13. @ Anish - They really are smart. Sometimes I wonder whether I should actually tell him anything or not

    @ Smitha - He most certainly does :-)

    @ Ashish - Did you? Then it is fine, I guess :-)

  14. It is always better to get sensitive informations through proper channel.

  15. Way to go, Georgie!