Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And the award goes to...

Seeing awards being passed on in the blog world has always made me green with envy. I had always longed for one and finally when the moment came, boy how it has come!!

The lady with The Song of Life has presented me with not one or two, but four awards!!

Thank you so much, Swaram. This is one precious moment I am not going to forget in a long, long time.

Now let me pass these on to some of my favorite people.

The Friends Award goes to...

...the first ever friend I've made in the blog world, an amazing human being, an inspiration to so many, a survivor in the true sense of the word, an awesome writer - Alexis. Wish he wrote more often.

....the Sparkling Chef with an awesome sense of humor, with amazing story telling powers (he gets very humble if you tell him that), the next best thing after God (in his own words), someone whom I adore like my little brother - Mathew . He is a great cook too ;-) (Any eligible girls out there?)

.... the first friend I made after my break from the blogworld, a lady with such a wicked sense of humor, you can almost see that grin on her face when you read her posts. Mother of two cutest girls, friend to many of us - Nancy . I know you have this award from Swaram, but my list just will not be complete without you, my dear,

....a friend in real life first and then in the blog world, my wonderful colleague and partner in crime - Sreeram. My life would be so dull without you, Rum,

....her narration fills your mouth with water and the pictures makes you wish you were there with her-mishmash the lady with the golden hands, one fantastic Home Maker, I am honoured to be considered a friend of hers,

... the new friends I have made -Shilpa the lady who adds masala to our lives, Meira the one who created havoc in Landmark with her husband and Solio whose opinionated mind comes out with such deep soliloquies at times and then have us in splits. Swaram. The rules do not say I cannot give it back to you and you most definitely are my friend

Lovely Blogs...

......the word lovely blog immediately brings this Amazing Gardener to mind. It is difficult to decide which is more lovely- her writing or her garden. Thanks to her I now know the different kinds of birds and animals that inhabits Mumbai (i am not referring to the two legged species here)

....a couple who stays in Italy with their heart in Kerala, who gives amazing insights into life - wild and domestic.

....someone who lives on a wing and a prayer. She writes so effortlessly, yet does not agree when her mother says there is a book in her. amazing lady who makes us think one day and then make us howl in laughter the very next day. Her posts are always so thought provoking. This is one Home Maker whom I absolutely admire

I would like have tea with all my favorite bloggers, so this tea cup award goes to all of you mentioned here ...

Their blogs have become so addictive, even a day without checking them out is pure torture.
The Addicting Blog Award goes to...

Alexis, Mathew, Nancy, IHM, A wing and a prayer, Solilo, Sreeram, Swaram, Meira,Shilpa, Sunita and Rocksea and Sarah.

There are two other celebrity blogs that I am hooked on to. Not sure whether they'll accept this award, but then, what the hell! So this award also goes to...

....the spunky lady whom everyone loves to hate, the one and only Shobhaa De. Mohandas Pai of Infosys has named her 'feamle Al Quaida'

....the one who presents an uncut version of India

Phew!! that was one long speech. Now let me take a break ;-)


  1. Congratulations Bindu! and thanks for passing some of the awards to me. I am honored!

    Now let me go add your awards to my blog. :)

  2. Congratulations Bindu!!!! You deserve these wonderful awards!!

    Honored and touched that you thought of me while passing on the awards! Thanks a million :)

  3. Congrats Bindu and thank u so much for the awards :)

    Keep writing :)

  4. Congratulation's Bindu! :-) its always a fuzzy warm feeling whn one receives awards...

    Thnks for dropping by ;)

  5. Oh wow! It's not every day that one gets to be called Amazing. Nor to win a veritable shower of awards! Thank you, Bindu. I really, really appreciate your gifting these awards to me.

  6. OMG thanks a lot Bindu! I am floored.

  7. that was so sweet of you..and to be mentioned along with a blogger like Alexis whom i admire a lot as well its even better....thanks a lot!!:-)
    And i must tell you the feeling is mutual..coz you are one of the person who encourages me a lot in the blogs!!

    and big congrats for the awards...tells a lot how much you are adored in the blog world too..:)

  8. Congratulations Bindu for ur awards...tho very surprised to hear u havent recd one till today...I love the way u write & ur writing has moved me to tears more than 1 occasion.

    Thank U so much for my awards...and loved the way u thoughtfully wrote abt each of us. I'd be proud to display them on my page:-)).

  9. I'm so sorry for coming in so late...the house is getting painted so everything moved out of the way.....big mess;-(

  10. Bindu, sorry I couldnt come by earlier ..... truly deserve it...whenever I came here I found ur posts thought provoking and real n deep....

    and to get a mention in ur blog, I feel quite honored....thanks a bunch....pinne golden hands vaayichu chirichu poyeetto....:))

  11. Thanks everyone. Each of you and your blogs are really special to me.

  12. @Nancy - Was that an excuse for not posting frequently? Not acceptable!

  13. i had commented here, but dont know where it went. may be it didnt register here.

    Bindu, very “Hoppy” for the award We “hope” we can keep on “hopping” from one amazing insight of life to another and keep the hoppers and readers alive :)

  14. Congrats Bindu chechi for the award you received and thanks a lot for awarding my "pottatharams". This is a first for me too :-)