Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holy Mary!!

"Controversy queen Rakhi Sawant is about to take her love for Christianity to another level altogether. She is turning television producer with a show based on the the Bible for a channel that she calls her maika (mother’s home). The serial is tentatively titled, The Holy Bible. And hold your breath. Rakhi will play Mother Mary in the show. "

Hold your breath still, her wish list of actors to play Jesus - Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and if they are not available, Kunal Kapur! Kunal would make a perfect Jesus, even Hrithik is passable, but just imagine Salman as Jesus!

Looking at her list of Jesuses, why do I get this feeling that she must have got her Bible stories wrong? I think she meant the other Mary....the one from Magdalene ;-)

(p.s. No offence meant to any Marys :-) )


  1. interesting
    did not know about this.

  2. Rakhi Sawant has great business sense. I also feel Kunal would be the most suited. He has a very sensitive face, and similar looks...

  3. She is nt gonna spare us will she :( Swayamvar, nw the one with kids and this one to follow!

    God grant her gudwill!

  4. Imagine chanting the Rosary prayer and repeating "Hail Mary" after seeing her as Mother Mary......phewww!!

  5. Havent watched her shows..but I read about it..

    "Eeeewww" is all I gotta say!

  6. Holy mother of god!

  7. Salman as Jesus is rib ticking! Imagine with Jesus with body-shoddy! But then he gets a chance to wear minimal clothing once he gets crucified. And he loves that doesnt he!

  8. JEJAAS! (That is how she spells Jesus)

    Now I have seen everything. :|

  9. @ sm - :-)

    @ IHM - She knows this is not going to last for long, so might as well make the most of it. Kunal Kapur will make a dishy Jesus ;-)

    @ Swaram - Amen

    @ Meno - I didn't think of it. Just imagine her face popping up in our mind whenever we say 'Hail Mary' arrrggghh..

    @ Elegant Chic - eeeewwww again

    @ Shilpa - exactly!

    @ Deepa - I know, the very thought is so funny

    @ Solilo - Knowing her, I am sure she'll come up with some other gems soon

  10. "Hoppy" for the award, bindu :D We "hope" we can keep on "hopping" from one amazing insight of life to another and keep the hoppers and readers alive :)

  11. haha.

    oh, i had made that comment here :)

  12. ente karthavee eni entho ke kanendi verumo avo :D ....This is blasphemy...probably in some antichrist movies or serials she can act as satans bride and salman can act as shirtless lucifer......guess kunal is fine with jesus role and Rakhi gulzar is fine with mother mary(she got the vulnerablity).I can't suggest anyone for mary magdelens role...hmm probably konkana sen......
    But still Y Pakki sawantttt........

  13. This one is gonna be hilarious! Let us not even think "biblical" if this happens but I think this is going to be good entertainment and I would love to see Salman playing jesus...and I truly love Rakhi Sawant- how many of those Bollywood ladies are bold enough to say all they want is money?