Thursday, September 24, 2009

In which I am Serene, then go Crazy and finally gets Depressed


Tuesday, 22nd September, 5.15 PM, Bangalore City Railway Station, Platform No.5
Ernakulam Express leaves the station. In it are my m-i-l, maid and the kids. The train has finally disappeared from my sight. Hubby at work, I have a holiday. Ha, the peaceful and serene feeling, how I have been missing this. Nothing to do for the rest of the evening, can read, sleep or just laze around. No one to come calling. That feeling of absolute freedom, no words to describe it.


Tuesday, 22nd September, 6.15 PM, Church Street, Near Brigade Road, Bangalore
I had to find this shop I have read about, heard about, don't know how many times. The first impression was a little disappointing, not the kind of ones I was hoping for. Then I saw an arrow pointing to the 1st and 2nd floors. On the stairs itself, I almost fainted, would have moaned in pleasure if there were no one around. This was a true paradise. Treasures all around, the kids stuff is awesome to say the least. The grin on my face has not yet disappeared. My friends, after 6 months in Bangalore, I finally discovered 'Blossoms', a book lovers haven. The place is cramped, but who cares when you have books all around, even stacked on the floor, with just enough space for you to walk in between. The deals are amazing, you get second hand books in real good shape and even new editions at a discount. So it is goodbye Landmark, tata Crossword and hello Blossoms. Yes, the chain shops are much more comfortable, but I just love clutter (you just have to see my home to realize how much ;-))
Just went crazy, bought 12 books, including 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' - got it for 80 indian rupees!!
Now I have to find 'Strand'. Mission next weekend!


Tuesday, 22nd September, 8.30 PM, Home, Bangalore
Walking in to an empty house, no tiny feet running to meet me, no one telling me "Amma, amma, in school today...". The house is as I left it, the cushions stay ramrod, instead of the usual supine, everything in its place and I hate it. I miss them already :-(


  1. Just the thought brings tears to my eyes. It is tough. To stay away from them even for a day but sometimes we have to and in future we get used to it. :(

  2. Aww .. grass is greener on the other side no!

    Waise, just got to know u stay in Blr :P

  3. Charlie and the Chocolate factory I thought was nothing great, but god how my kids loved it ... still do!!

    I know the feeling of a home that is to neat!! You love clutter? Have you seen that movie where there are two people, one single dad. super-disciplined, one single mother, loves clutter? it is 'Yours, mine and ours'?? I loved the mother in that movie!!

    But I still love an empty house to myself every single day!! I love it when the family leaves for whereever they have to go, and the maids are gone and i have he house to myself :)

  4. @ Solio - I know it is tough but I have to thank my mother who insisted on leaving my son with her for 1-2 days since when he was about an year old. The same with my daughter later. Now if I have to go somewhere for a few days, both of them are a bit upset, but they know amma will be back and everything will be alright. I guess it makes them a little independent as well :-)

    @ Swaram - I guess so :-(

    @ IHM - I am so glad there is someone else like me. I just love an empty house. The feeling is so peaceful, I sit with a cup of coffee and just do nothing for sometime, when no one is at home.Haven't seen the movie, guess I should ;-)

    @ sm - Thanks

  5. Ok count me into the twosome....I too love it when the husband, kids, maid all leave their respective ways and I'll be like "laptop here I come";-D

    I dont know how but I JUST knew it was Blossoms u were talking about......I too found this place when I went on vacation this time & just went crazy picking up books for the kids & me;-D

  6. being alone is really a probs...

    All that remains is the internet and a couple of movies... I feel it when others are away for meetings and I am alone in home...

    But I have made myself adaptive and I spend my time reading blogs and watching movies...

  7. @ Nancy - Great minds think alike, na?

    @ Abhilash - Being alone is not a problem for us at all, we just love it. Just wait till you get marries and have a couple of kids. But then, I don't think men ever feel this need.

  8. I can understand how you would have felt (the jubilation part) but not necessarily the loneliness part. Guess it has to do with the fact that I am still single :-) But the very thought of being home alone gives me a high!