Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mea Culpa

Here is to you, Nancy, for shaking me out of my laziness - the tag on "My sins against Gender-Stereotypes"
1. You line up the world's sleekest, coolest cars against a sturdy SUV, without even a second look at the beauties, I'll go for the beast (I just love driving the one above to office , just to see the drooling looks of the guys there, ha ha. They respect me much more now).
2. I can get ready for a party in 10 minutes flat. I even beat my other half to it
3. My idea of a perfect holiday - A mountain trek, no frills, just the bare essentials and no civilization for miles around
4. I hate 'girly' perfumes. For me perfume = deo
5. I can wear the same dress to church, office, PTA meetings, parties, in short, just about anywhere
6. If someone tells me I cannot do something, well....they better beware
7. I love shopping alone
8. Favorite foot wear - sturdy, comfortable sandals. No dainty thin stilletoes for me, actually I am scared of them. If I could wear loafers to office, I would
9. My savings : In cash - almost nil, in kind - books, books and books
10. I guess it all started long ago - my favorite childhood pastime was climbing trees (used to imagine I was on 'The Faraway Tree'. Now is that a male or female trait?)
To pass it on - most of my blog pals have already taken this up. So here it goes to two very special guys:
Alexis - You haven't taken up a tag in a long time...
Mathew - Last time it was Poland, now where have you disappeared to?
Guys, just to warn you, if you don't take this up, you will be sentenced to 12 years in pink pants.


  1. 9 - Am sooo relieved :P :P

    1,2,3 - am sooo like u :)

  2. Hey, this tag is still going strong, huh !!! :)

    Like it - the sin list !!! :)

    Me too love SUV !!! Books are for me tooo !!!
    LOL @ climbing trees !!!
    ha ha a days thats what is happening - the man takes more time to get ready !!!

  3. LOL....on the 5th point...more so coz I perfectly identify with it;-D.
    I love shopping on my own too....definitely more comfortable there;-) and oh how cd I forget to mention a mountain trek on my tag....I can see why we gravitate towards eachother;-D

    Thanks for taking it up!!!!

  4. Huh who's on a BB...u or me;-/????