Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh, the joys of being a mother.....

Son is learning to make sentences in Hindi.
Word -"komal". Instant reply, "Meri maa bahuth komal hein"

Swaram - thanks for checking on me
Nancy - another trip? i am still paying for the one i took. get up and go to office, get back and get the drift? it is your tag that prompted me out of inertia :-) thanks.


  1. will the komal mother please attempt the tag;-D

  2. So sweet !!! You feel out of the world, right !!???? Hugs to the komal mother and son !!! :)

  3. Hey Bindu, so nice to c a post here; such a komal one @ that ;) ;)

    Thatz so sweet of him. I hope he always sticks to it ;)

  4. Komal maa, nice to see you back.
    Hope you had a nice and fruitful trip.

  5. @ Nancy - Will take it up this week, I promise

    @ Uma - Oh yes, it does, Uma

    @ Swaram - I give him three years - LOL

    @ Alexis - no trip, just the after effects of the last one

  6. That's so cute! Kids o say the funniest / sweetest things :D

  7. lolzz....thats a cute sentence. For kids their world begins and ends with their mom.